“Starry Night”

– Fill a 12oz glass with ice.
– Add 2oz of Kings County Brandy. (A grape derived brandy)
– Add 3oz of cold butterfly pea flower tea. Steep and cool in advance. (This can bought at a health food store or from an online retailer)
– In a separate cup, add 1oz sweetened condensed milk, 2oz of almond milk and a dash of vanilla extract. Stir it up and pour it into your cocktail. You should see it swirling its way down to the bottom of the glass.
– Garnish with star fruit.

“Dressed to Impress”

In a shaker or a mason jar with a couple small cubes of ice, add 2oz of White Pup(similar to vodka, but with a cereal sweetness) and .5oz of Chicken Bones Liqueur ™. (Chicken Bones Liqueur ™ is a real chocolate liqueur with cinnamon. It’s thick consistency and richness adds a lot of flavour with just a drop.)

– Add 1oz simple syrup. (1:1 sugar to water by weight.)
– Add 3oz of fresh blood orange juice.
– (optional) 1oz of pasteurized egg whites. This gives the drink a nice mouth feel and a foamy head.
– Shake until you can’t hear the ice, then strain into a 12oz glass filled with ice.
– Garnish with blood orange. I used a dehydrated wheel.

I used a cookie stencil and raspberry powder to make a heart shape on top of the drink.

“CC Brandy Alexander”

The Brandy Alexander is a drink dating back to the 1920’s. It was rumoured to be John Lennon’s favourite drink. Here is our riff on the classic cocktail using our own craft spirits.

– Place ice in a coupe or martini glass for the purpose of chilling the glass.
– In a shaker or mason jar, add 2oz of Kings County Brandy. A wonderful brandy collaboration we did with Dunhams Run Estate Winery
– Add 1oz of Chicken Bones Liqueur ™. (The original drink calls for crème de cacao, but it’s difficult to find a quality one in our market. Luckily our chocolate liqueur series are quality chocolate liqueurs made in a similar crème fashion.)
– Add 1oz of half and half dairy cream.
– Cover and dry shake for about 30 seconds (no ice). This will help give the cocktail a nice frothy consistency.
– Empty the ice from your chilled glass and pour your cocktail into it.
– Grate fresh nutmeg over the drink.

“Matcha Maker”

Looking for a healthier cocktail? Coconut, lime, maple, matcha and our innovative Canadiana.

– In a shaker or a mason jar with a few cubes ice, add 2oz of Canadiana (similar to rum, but made from maple sugar instead of cane sugar.)
– Add 1oz fresh lime juice.
– Add 1oz maple syrup.
– Add 2oz coconut cream.
– Add 1/2 Tsp of matcha powder
– Cover and shake, fine strain into a 12oz glass filled with ice.
– Garnish with lime. I used dehydrated lime wheels.

* I brushed maple syrup onto the glass then sprinkled Graham cracker crumbs and shredded coconut onto it. You could just rim it with maple syrup and dip the rim in Graham cracker and shredded coconut mix.

All Canadian Pickle Caesar

Get a 12oz glass.
Cut a lime into thin slices, take a piece of like and rub it around the rim until its wet.
Then dip the rim into some caesar rimmer.
Add ice to the glass.
1.5oz Get’n Pickled Moonshine
Top the glass with Water Caesar Mix and garnish with a slice of lime and a pickle.

Dulse and Dill Caesar

Our Get’n Pickled is a corn moonshine infused with fresh dill, garlic and pickling spices, making it perfect for your next Caesar!

– Get a 16oz glass and rim it with celery salt and crushed dulse. (You’ll need the dulse to be very dry)
– Place a big piece of dulse at the bottom of the glass.
– Fill glass with ice and add 2oz of Get’n Pickled moonshine.
– Add 1/4oz of fresh lime and a dash of Tabasco.
– Top glass with Walter Craft Caesar vegan mix. It’s a very nice Canadian caesar mix that already has dulse from the Bay of Fundy in it, instead of clam juice.
– Garnish with fresh dill, pickled bean, lime wheel and dulse.

Parks Canada Cafe Mocha

2oz Moonshine Creek Double Double coffee liqueur
1 pack of hot chocolate
2 oz milk
A couple dashes of cherry bitters (optional)
Toasted Marshmallows to garnish (optional)

Mix together some hot chocolate and add a little milk. Add cherry bitters (optional).  Add 2oz Moonshine Creek Double Double coffee liqueur. Dip marshmallows in coffee liqueur, toast and rest on top drink to garnish.