Frequently Asked Questions

Chicken Bones

What is Chicken Bones Liqueur?

Chicken Bones Liqueur is a chocolate cinnamon alcohol product and a trademark of Moonshine Creek Distillery Incorporated. We have no affiliation with confectionary companies.

What is the shelf life on Chicken Bones Liqueur?

The Chicken Bones Liqueur does not a “best before” date.  It is dairy free and has a high alcohol content. Spoilage is no a concern with this product.

Is there chicken, bones, or any form of poultry in the liquor?

No, we don’t use any animal by-products in this product. It is a chocolate and cinnamon liquor.

Do I have to refrigerate the Chicken Bones Liqueur after opening?

No. We recommend you store the liquor at room temperature for the best consistency and shake before serving. You can chill it, but chilling will cause the liquor to appear and pour thicker.

Does Chicken Bones Liqueur have any dairy in it?

No. We use pure cocoa to make this product and add no dairy/cream to the product. It has zero milk lipids, fats, or proteins in it.

Is Chicken Bones Liqueur vegan?

We do not have a vegan certification. However, we do not add any animal by-product to this product.

Are there preservatives in the Chicken Bones Liqueur?

We do not add any preservatives. However, alcohol is its own preservative and at 25%alc, this product is well preserved.

Is the liqueur made with real chocolate or is it an artificial chocolate?

It is made with real chocolate. We make this product using pure cocoa right at our distillery.

How can it be a small batch product if you sell several thousand bottles?

We only get about 1,200 bottles per batch, which is relatively small. We must make many batches to fulfill our seasonal orders.

Why do you call it “Chicken Bones Liqueur?

The product is a real chocolate and cinnamon flavoured liqueur. In Atlantic Canada we commonly refer to that flavour combination as chicken bone flavour. It is not because it has actual chicken or bones in the liqueur.

Why does the flavour and bottle change a bit every year?

As a small craft distillery with limited resources, we can only make our products in very limited quantities each year. We try our hardest to improve the recipes every time we make our products by taking consumer feedback into consideration.

If I’m unhappy with a Moonshine Creek product, what should I do?

You may be able to return the product to the store where you purchased it with your receipt. We also accept exchanges at the distillery, and occasionally refund under certain circumstances.