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Introducing our very first cream liquor made with Crosby’s Molasses!

Gingersnap cream liquor uses real molasses to give you that undeniable real flavour found in our favourite homemade gingersnap cookies. (Recipe on the back of the bottle.)

The Canadian Rum used to make this product is also made from Crosby’s molasses. Fermented, distilled and aged at our distillery in Waterville NB.

Available in NB Liquor stores and NSLC starting early next week.

You can purchase through our website store now, to allow extra time for mail delivery before Christmas. Pickup and sales at the distillery

begins this Friday.

Chicken Bones Liqueur™ is Back!


Treat yourself this holiday season with a flavour you’ve anticipated all year.

What is Chicken Bones Liqueur?

Chicken Bones Liqueur is a chocolate cinnamon alcohol product and a trademark of Moonshine Creek Distillery Incorporated. We have no affiliation with confectionary companies.

What is the shelf life of Chicken Bones Liqueur?

The Chicken Bones Liqueur has a “best before” of 2 years from the date it was bottled that can found under the bottom of the bottle.

Do you still use a chicken bone candy in the Chicken Bones Liqueur?

No, not currently. To make this product shelf stable, we must carefully choose every ingredient used in our recipe.

Is there chicken, bones, or any form of poultry in the liquor?

No, we don’t use any animal by-products in this product. It is a chocolate and cinnamon liquor.

For more frequently asked questions, see our FAQ page



Our Canadian Rye Whisky, made with local organic rye and barley grains. This flagship whisky is fermented, distilled, and aged in virgin American white oak barrels in Carleton County of New Brunswick. The whisky is a blend of our charred and toasted barrel stock. The stunning label on this bottle proudly depicts the famous longest covered bridge in our hometown of Hartland.

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