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Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery17 hours ago
Our latest whisky expression is ready and very enjoyable 😉

Harvest Blend is a multi-grain whisky that is a combination of four different mash bills with 5 types of grain used. All of the whisky is proudly produced at our distillery in New Brunswick.

Available now at the distillery or through our website store.
Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery3 days ago
It’s strawberry season, and we’ve put together a small strawberry cocktail menu to celebrate our favourite berry.
Stop by the distillery to try one of these delicious options.

Strawberry Mojito (Canadiana White)
Strawberry Lemonade (White Pup)
Strawberry Jalapeño Daiquiri (Nautical Reserve Rum)

Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery5 days ago
It’s another hot day in paradise. Come out to Moonshine Creek for dinner. Herds & Spices has an excellent menu ready for you!
Hard strawberry lemonade with Pork Kebab that has freshly made tzatziki!
Open until 7pm.
Herds & Spices
Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery1 week ago
Hey Folks! Big News!
We have a new food truck at the distillery starting today!
They will be at our location all summer long, four days a week. Their name is “Herds and Spices” and we are certain you are going to love what they are offering this summer.
See their menu in the comment section below.