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Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery1 week ago
Have you tried one of our Downriver Whiskies?

The Downriver Canadian Rye Whisky just won a gold at the Canadian Whisky Awards and the award for being the best mixed grain mash whisky of the year!
The best in its class!

In addition, the Downriver Canadian Whisky (corn) won an impressive silver medal!

This an incredible accomplishment for our young distillery and our Downriver Whisky brand. Thank you everyone! You’re support made this happen 🙂

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Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery2 weeks ago
Our Get’n Pickled is back in stock!

This is an un-aged corn whisky infused with fresh dill, garlic and pickling spices, making it perfect for your next Caesar!

Dulse and Dill Caesar

Here’s how to make it:
- Get a 16oz glass and rim it with celery salt and crushed dulse. (You’ll need the dulse to be very dry)
Find dulse and dulse flakes at @slocumandferris @hsmeatshop
- Place a big piece of dulse at the bottom of the glass.
- Fill glass with ice and add 2oz of Get’n Pickled moonshine.
- Add 1/4oz of fresh lime and a dash of Tabasco.
- Top glass with @waltercaesar vegan mix. It’s a very nice Canadian caesar mix that already has dulse from the Bay of Fundy in it, instead of clam juice.
- Garnish with fresh dill, pickled bean, lime wheel and dulse.

Available at ANBL.

This product is also available on our website store.

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Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery2 weeks ago
If you’re a bourbon fan, you gotta try our corn whisky!

The Downriver corn whisky is made from locally grown organic corn and barley. We followed the same guidelines for making bourbon, but aged it 3 years at our distillery.

This whisky is available for purchase at the distillery and on our website.

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Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery2 weeks ago
We’re pleased to announce the name of our still is…“OL’SAXY”

The people have spoken, and the most popular suggestion was “Saxy” or a similar saxophone reference, because of the still’s resemblance to the musical instrument.

Thank you everyone for your help. Every suggested name was excellent 🙂

We hope everyone has an opportunity to come visit our distillery at some point to see OL’SAXY in person.

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