Moonshine Creek Distillery

April 21st, 2021
For Immediate Release


  • Moonshine Creek is releasing their first Canadian Rum, made in Waterville, NB.
  • A local artist designed the Rum.
  • Moonshine Creek has created a grant for NB artists.

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing our first Canadian Rum, called “Nautical Reserve”. This inaugural Canadian Rum, produced in Waterville, Carleton County, New Brunswick, is an artistic collaboration between Moonshine Creek and Moncton artist Andrew MacPherson, better known as “Ghandy.”

The idea and agreement to collaborate with the local artist for the rum project began in early March of 2020, just before the country enacted strong COVID-19 precautions that shuttered some businesses that artists rely on. “As the collaboration progressed throughout the first year of the pandemic, we identified an opportunity to raise awareness about the impact the pandemic is having on our arts culture,” said Jeremiah Clark, CEO, and co-owner of Moonshine Creek Distillery. In response to this negative impact, the distillery has created a grant for New Brunswick artists. The very first run of 500 bottles of Nautical Reserve will help fund the grant for the next several years. Ghandy has specially designed these first 500 bottles which will feature a limited black and gold label with matching tube. In addition, the bottles will include a numbered print of the front label with Ghandy’s signature. Following the limited-edition release, the rum will use a red and silver label that will continue to feature the artist’s label design but without a tube and signed artwork print.

Joshua Clark, COO and co-owner had this to say, “This rum was made using Crosby’s molasses, fermented, distilled, and aged over a year at our distillery in Waterville. Having a local artist design the rum from top to bottom really helps us make this a localized product.” Joshua also stated, ” Due to the interruption of rum production following Moonshine Creek’s pivot to hand sanitizer production, the first two releases of the navy strength rum will total about 2000 bottles in 2021.  Had there not been the greater need to use our alcohol as hand sanitizer, we would have had an additional 3000 bottles worth of rum to release this year. The unaged rum that should have gone into barrels became hand sanitizer instead.”

When we asked Ghandy his thoughts on the finished project, he had this to say “It’s a work of art, start to finish. Designing a rum has been a really fun project.”

With the help of the LearnSphere program, the distillery was also able to employ the help of local actor and videographer Clem McIntosh. Clem’s company, Uldra Films, filmed, directed, and edited a few short videos to accompany the project and aid with the new rum’s advertising and marketing.

Andrew MacPherson, “Ghandy”, is a co-owner of Hell or High Water Tattoo Parlour in Moncton New Brunswick and has been practicing his craft for nearly 20 years. He designed the label, chose the bottle style, the proof, and the name “Nautical Reserve.”

Moonshine Creek Distillery was established in August of 2018. It is co-owned and managed by brothers Joshua and Jeremiah Clark. The craft distillery makes a variety of spirits using local ingredients and culture as their inspiration. You can visit our website at or social media pages to learn more about the distillery and up-to-date details on the product’s release dates and availability.

Nautical Reserve Rum

Aged over one year in charred oak barrels and sold at 57% alcohol, some would refer to this as “navy strength”.  The dark colour of this Rum is natural, coming from the select oak barrels we use, no caramel colouring or sugars are added to this rum. Perfect for rum enthusiasts and whisky drinkers looking for something new to try. Available now for pre-order.

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Moonshine Creek NB Artists Grant Application

The new Moonshine Creek grant supports specific projects that will enhance the regional prominence of the arts in New Brunswick and increase the quality and vitality of research or creative work, in theory, scholarship, and/or practice the field of the arts.​ Proposals will be accepted from any individual residing in New Brunswick.

 Apply for the grant here!



December 2nd, 2020
For Immediate Release

Waterville-Carleton County, NB- Moonshine Creek Distillery will be donating a total of $25,000 from this year’s sale of Chicken Bones Liqueur™ to Food Banks within Atlantic Canada.

“We are very appreciative of the support we have received this year, and we want to show our thanks by helping others during this difficult holiday season,” said Jeremiah Clark, CEO of Moonshine Creek. Joshua Clark, COO, had this to say, “The distillery has always tried its best to contribute to our  community.  Now that our product has started being sold in PEI, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland, our community is getting larger, and we want to say thank you.”

Many businesses are stepping up to donate whatever they can to the food banks as they see a steady increase in the demand for their service. Moonshine Creek also recognizes the need to support our food banks during times of economic hardship and food insecurity. The $25,000 donation that will be given to each province by December 4th , 2020, will be broken into four amounts: $13,000 to New Brunswick,  $2,000 to Prince Edward Island, $5,000 to Nova Scotia, and $5,000 to Newfoundland. The central food bank in each province will distribute the donation amongst their provincial food banks.

“At Food Depot Alimentaire, we want to empower and support food banks as they continue to provide much-needed emergency access to food for food-insecure families and individuals in their communities. We want to thank Moonshine Creek for their donation and for being there for our NB food banks and our communities.” Chantal Senecal, Executive Director, Food Depot Alimentaire Moonshine Creek Distillery wants to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationships in Atlantic Canada and beyond in 2021.

Media Contacts:

Jeremiah Clark
Moonshine Creek Distillery, CEO (English)

Mathieu Collin
Moonshine Creek Distillery, CFO (Francais)

Leanne Prescott
Director of Communications and Community Engagement
Food Depot Alimentaire/Peter McKee Community Food Centre
New Brunswick

Karen Theriault
Feed Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia

Mike McDonalds
The Upper Room Hospitality Ministry
Prince Edward Island

Tina Bishop
Community Food Sharing Association
Newfoundland & Labrador

October 7, 2020
For immediate release

Moonshine Creek Distillery Inc. will independently release Chicken Bones Liqueur™ for the 2020 holiday season.

Waterville, NB – New Brunswick’s innovative micro-distillery, Moonshine Creek, will release its one-of-a-kind Chicken Bones Liqueur™ across all four Atlantic Canadian provinces this November, just in time for the holiday season.

Brothers and distillery co-owners Jeremiah and Joshua Clark said they were encouraged by the excitement surrounding the initial launch in 2019.

“After the success of last year’s piloted release, we found what worked and what didn’t. We never expected the liqueur that started in our infusion workshops to be a national success. It certainly gave us the encouragement we needed to continue making this innovative liqueur,” said Jeremiah Clark, Co-owner of Moonshine Creek Distillery.

The liqueur sold out in Alcool NB Liquor stores shortly after its 2019 release. Positive reviews and long line-ups left consumers wanting more.

Alcool NB Liquor is excited to see Moonshine Creek’s Chicken Bones Liqueur™ return to store shelves this Christmas.

“We are proud to work with local producers like Moonshine Creek Distillery in promoting their innovative products,” said Patrick Parent, President and CEO of Alcool NB Liquor. “After the phenomenal reaction from our customers last year, we are looking forward to having Chicken Bone Liqueur available throughout our retail network this holiday season.”

“We listened to our customers,” said Joshua Clark. “We genuinely care about their feedback. That’s how we make our products better.”

According to the brothers, this year’s release of their Chicken Bones Liqueur™ will be better than last, with an improved flavour and product consistency. To help with that, Moonshine Creek enlisted the help of CCNB Grand-Sault’s Innovation Team, made possible with a voucher from the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation.

“We were truly fortunate to have the assistance and funding we needed to make this liqueur during a pandemic. I honestly thought we wouldn’t be able to release it this year because of the challenges the pandemic presented,” said Jeremiah Clark.

Daniel Hoyles, Investment Associate at NBIF said: “We are excited to assist through our Innovation Voucher Fund program and help a growing and innovative company during a time of economic uncertainty. We are happy to see a company like Moonshine Creek Distillery change the industry and come up with interesting products that are culturally relevant while promoting agriculture and innovation in New Brunswick.”

Chicken Bones Liqueur™ is just one of many innovative products produced by  Moonshine Creek. The distillery focuses on products that promote New Brunswick culture and flavours.

Years working in the bar and spirits industry have given the brothers a lot of experience creating different chocolate and cinnamon flavoured cocktails and moonshines.

“Our Chicken Bones Liqueur™ has a smooth, well-rounded combination of rich chocolate and cinnamon. This liqueur will bring out the east coaster in anyone,” said Jeremiah Clark.

The micro-distillery plans to make and sell 50,000 bottles of its unique Chicken Bones Liqueur™ this holiday season, with a projected Atlantic Canadian release date of November 19, 2020 (* Currently available for purchase at NSLC).

Chicken Bones Liqueur™ is an independent trademark of Moonshine Creek Distillery Inc.

Follow Moonshine Creek Distillery via social media or through their website at for up-to-date details on the product’s release dates and availability.