Moonshine Creek Distillery

LOT #1

The Project 506 is an exciting collaborative release is in partnership with ANBL for the 26th annual New Brunswick Spirits Festival, and our first 5 years old whisky!
This is a single barrel, cask strength, rye whisky made from locally grown organic rye and barley. A mix mashed combination of our grains that are fermented, distilled and aged 5 years in virgin American white oak at our distillery in Hartland New Brunswick. 

Available for pick-up or shipping November 1st,2023.

Mash Bill- 85% Organic Rye, 15% Organic Barley
Barrel Entry Strength- 60% alc.
Barrel Dump Strength- 57.5% alc.
Barrel Entry Date- October 31,2018
Barrel Dump Date- November 1,2023
Barrel Spec.- American White Oak, Char#2
Bottles Produced- 215 x 750ml
Colour- Mahogany
No added colours or flavourings. Non-chill filtered.