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Our very first Canadian Rum release.  Aged over one year in charred oak barrels and sold at 57% alcohol, some would refer to this as “navy strength”.  We would describe this Canadian Rum as a dark rum. The dark colour of this rum is natural, coming from the select oak barrels we use, no caramel colouring or sugars are added to this rum. Perfect for rum enthusiasts and whisky drinkers looking for something new to try.

The products concept and label was designed by Moncton artist Andrew Macpherson, also known as Ghandy.

Batch #1 – Limited Edition Black label – $99.99 750ml 57%alc, 500 bottles, Estimated release date April 28th, 2021.
*Batch#1 comes with a limited black and gold label, tube and signed print of the artists original work. A portion of the proceeds on the sale of this rum will go to our grant for artists.

Pre-Order Batch#1 Now

***Price and release date subject to change. One bottle per consumer on pre-order offer. Purchase is refundable up until the product is shipped or received.

Apply here for the 2021 ART GRANT”

Next Batch:
Batch #2
– Red Label- $54.99 750ml 57%alc, estimated 500+ bottles April 28th, 2021.